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Southern Gospel Radio

We ask you to be in prayer as God is leads us to expand the radio ministry impact of the Real Life Radio Foundation by launching "The Promise" Southern Gospel Radio featuring music from well-known national artists as well as local gospel groups from the area that people know and love. 

God has opened the door to enable us to partner with another FM frequency to use for this purpose at 90.1 FM in the New Harmony.Mt. Vernon Indiana area, which is now broadcasting on-the-air and we are also providing a live 24-hour audio stream on the internet so that people can listen anytime on their computer from anywhere in the world.  The website that is hosting the new Southern  Gospel Internet Radio Station can be found at

The live audio internet stream is exactly the SAME way that we launched 90.9 The Vine Radio prior to receiving the FCC approval for our FM frequency. We believe that "The Promise" can be a great compliment to "The Vine."  There is currently no Southern Gospel station in this area, but we hope to change that.  While 90.1 is on the air on SW Indiana, we are still hoping to put a local FM frequency on-the-air in southern Illinois.  “The Promise” is operating in the same building as “The Vine" with a separate studio across the hall.

This effort does not happen without a price.  Can you help us?

We still need to raise several thousand dollars to erect a new taller tower which will play a vital role in "The Promise" as well as the newly approved upgrade to "The Vine."  To date, we have received $52,012 towards the goal of $95,000 for the tower.  We encourage you to pray about this new local Southern Gospel ministry and consider supporting “The Promise” with a financial contribution to the Real Life Radio Foundation, P.O. Box 248, Wayne City, IL 62895.  You can call (618) 895-3030.  

Thanks!  From our staff and volunteers:
Josh Garner, Randy Olson, Brian Fuller, Mike Steed, Carrie Weaver, Tim Sprinkle, Erin Bradshaw, Cory Respondek, Derek Dunn  

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